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3D Floral Wall Art Encaustic

"Paradise" 3D Floral Wall Sculptures Encaustic

3D Floral Wall Sculptures Encaustic


"Paradise" is a 3D Encaustic Floral 20" x 24" original work of art. Colorful and meticulously hand-sculpted floral and organic forms created using encaustic beeswax, resin, alcohol ink,  and shellac on a cradled birch board that honors the wonders of nature and the environment.


 "Paradise" is a whimsical and vibrant artwork that will transport you straight to a tropical oasis with its luscious orange background adorned with magnificent calla lilies in shades of green, magenta, and white. The contrasting colors create a playful and joyful atmosphere, while the enchanting tropical theme brings the beachhouse feel into any space.


This  masterpiece was inspired by the invigorating sensations of spring and summer, and the blissful sense of being surrounded by sun-soaked beauty and tropical floral gardens. It captures the essence of paradise, making it the perfect addition to your art collection if you crave that carefree and relaxed vibe.


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