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Artist Statement

As an artist with a deep connection to and respect for nature, I am in awe of its sheer beauty, vastness, fragility and strength. I strongly believe every person has a responsibility to protect and preserve the gifts that our environment so generously provides. 


In my work, I experiment with a variety of natural and man-made mediums including beeswax, resin, shellac, tar, rust, found objects and anything that inspires my curiosity.  The versatility and fluidity of encaustic painting allows me to explore the intricacies of organic forms, creating textured surfaces and luminous depth that reflect the beauty and impermanence of the natural world. Tuning into patterns like those found in waves, clouds, flowers, leaves, and tree bark, I strive to create that same  depth, luminosity and complexity in my work through layering and sculpting. 

My recent work attempts to capture the essence and tactile beauty of the environment through sculptural encaustic abstract paintings. Utilizing fractured pieces of natural beeswax coated with alcohol ink and shellac to portray land that is literally collapsing into the ocean due to rising sea levels, melting ice sheets, and warming seas, I challenge the viewer to consider the profound effect we are having on our environment. 


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