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Meet Tonya...

Tonya Trest is a Dallas, TX based artist who has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember.  She has always viewed art as a way to communicate her own feelings and create an emotional response and connection with the viewer.  Tonya's work is on display in the homes of collectors across the United States as well as esteemed museums and galleries including the permanent collection of the Encaustic Museum in Santa Fe, NM.  She also enjoys working closely with interior designers on residential and commercial projects across all budgets, size, subject matter and deadline requirements. 

Tonya sits on the board of the Encaustic Museum, volunteers with non-profits in and around Texas, and donates her work to organizations such as Dwell with Dignity and Thrift Studios. 

About the Artist...

Since earning her BFA from the University of North Texas in 1996, Tonya's work has taken many forms and evolved over the years. She gathers much of her inspiration from nature, her travels, interesting cultures, and interactions between people and the world around them.


Tonya spent 25 years in corporate America until the Covid pandemic forced her to rethink what was most important to her and how she wanted to spend her time.  After months of consideration, Tonya decided to return to her first love and pursue her passion for art.  

Employing a variety of media including oil, pastels, wax, clay, watercolor, and found objects, she seeks to create images that both engage and intrigue the viewer. Her early works, primarily large-scale oil paintings and watercolor, explored anonymity and a certain disconnect and isolation.


Her recent work focuses on the complicated and fragile connection between humans and nature. From her outdoor studio, she is constantly reminded of the beauty and interdependence that exists between us and nature and strives to create images of infinite landscapes, beautiful ocean scenes and coastlines, and stunning gardens that illustrate the concept of inter-connectedness and mutual fulfillment in our shared ecosystem.


By incorporating mixed media into her process, each of the painting's components are tied together in deeply intricate and often unanticipated ways.

Working from her outdoor studio allows Tonya to use a variety of different tools including the torches, propane tanks, hot wax and extremely large canvases and birch boards.  The beautiful Texas weather and mild climate most of the year make that possible and serve as inspiration for her gorgeous floral and botanical paintings.  


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